The station is located in the small village of Pilchy, 200 km north of Warsaw (approx 3.5 h by road) close to the shore of Lake Ros, the most southerly lake of the Great Mazurian Lake Waterway. The nearest cities are Pisz (15 km) and Orzysz (21 km).

Driving instructions can be obtained using Google map (on right-hand side).
Buses and trains run between Warsaw and Pisz a few times a day during the summer. There is a bus between Pisz and Pilchy twice a day (morning and afternoon) or a taxi from Pisz may be hired for a reasonable price.
Small aeroplanes may land on the lake or at an airfield close to the nearby village of Rostki, 2km north of the station.

Hydrobiological Station
University of Warsaw
Pilchy 5, 12-200 Pisz