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Bednarska A. 2013 - The effect of filamentous cyanobacteria on the fitness of planktonic cladocerans of genus Daphnia. (in Polish). Supervisor Prof. Joanna Pijanowska

Brzeziński T. 2010 - Ecology of three sympatric species of Daphnia and their hybrids. (in Polish). Supervisor Prof. Piotr Dawidowicz

Rygielska-Szymańska R. 2009 - Size selective predation by planktivorous roach and age structure of Daphnia populations. (in Polish). Prof. Z.Maciej Gliwicz

Rutkowski D. 2006 - Diel habitat shifts in lake littoral macrophyte-dwelling invertebrates. (in Polish). Supervisor Prof. Z.Maciej Gliwicz

Abrusán G. 2003 - The role of fluid mechanics in the feeding ecology of planktonic cladocerans - Supervisor Prof. Piotr Dawidowicz. 

Słoń J. 2003 - Diel habitat shifts in distribution and feeding in juvenile cyprinids (Rutilus rutilus and Alburnus alburnus. (in Polish). Supervisor Prof. Z.Maciej Gliwicz

Slusarczyk M. 1999 - Predator-induced diapause in Daphnia and chemical cues for its induction. (in Polish). Supervisor Prof. Z.Maciej Gliwicz

Koperski P. 1998 - Behavioural defence of littoral insect larvae against predation (in Polish). Supervisor  Prof. Andrzej Prejs

Jachner A. 1996 - Change in distribution and feeding activity of bleak (Alburnus alburnus (L.)) induced by chemical information on predation risk. (in Polish). Supervisor Prof. Z.Maciej Gliwicz

Dawidowicz P. 1989 - Requirements of an effective control of planktonic algae by herbivore zooplankton. (in Polish). Supervisor Prof. Z.Maciej Gliwicz

Pijanowska J. 1984 - Morphological and other anti-predatory defenses in three Daphnia species. (in Polish). Supervisor Prof. Z.Maciej Gliwicz

Głowacka I. 1976 - Feeding of Lepidoptera larvae in lake littoral. Supervisor Prof. Ewa Pieczyńska

Rybak J.I. 1969 - Bottom sediments of lakes of various trophic type. Supervisor prof. Kazimierz Petrusewicz (published in: Ekologia Polska,  A, 17: 611-662)

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