Piotr Dawidowicz, prof. dr hab.


Department of Hydrobiology
Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw
at Biological and Chemical Research Centre
Żwirki i Wigury 101
02-089 Warszawa
Tel.: +48 22 55 26534
Fax.: +48 22 55 26575
Email: p.dawidowicz@uw.edu.pl
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Scientific interes:

I am interested in evolutionary  and behavioral ecology of freshwater animals, particularly zooplankton and fish, as well as in applications of ecological knowledge in solving environment issues (biomanipulation). I study induced defenses in freshwater animals, selection factors that shape the evolution of animal longevity and also the impact of climate change on freshwater plankton communities, with special attention to the Cyanobacteria-cladocerans interactions and fish-zooplankton interactions.


Community ecology
Ecology for bioinformatics
Mechanisms of evolution II
Productivity and expoitation of biocenoses
Population management and exploitation
MSci seminars                                                                                           



"The effect of temperature on species composition and size structure of the lake zooplankton communities" (2011-2013), project leader
 "Cyanobacteria – herbivorous zooplankton interaction under forecasted global warming conditions" (2009-2012), principle investigator
"Ecological and molecular aspects of aging - Daphnia model" (2007-2009), principle investigator


Selected publications

Dawidowicz P., Ozimek T. 2013. Cladoceran Moina branchiata can not reduce suspended solids in Lemna System macrophyte wastewater treatment plant. Ecol.Eng. 58: 262-265. PDF      
Dawidowicz P., Prędki P. i Pietrzak B. 2013. Depth-selection behavior and longevity in Daphnia: an evolutionary test for the predation-avoidance hypothesis. Hydrobiologia 715: 87–91. PDF  
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Dawidowicz P. & Gliwicz Z.M. 1983. Food of brook charr in extreme oligotrophic conditions of an alpine lake - Env. Biol. Fish - 8: 55-60.

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