Paweł Koperski, dr hab.


I am greatly interested in science phylosophy and methodology. The main objects of my scientific interest are freshwater animals, especially leeches and insects. I am involved in research on their conservation, ecology, taxonomy and phylogenetics, trophic relationships and their suitability in biological assessment. Also the application of statistical and numerical methods in zoology and ecology are included in my scientific activity.


  • Flora and Fauna (coordinator)
  • Conservation zoology (coordinator)
  • Hydrobiology (for students of Inter-Faculty Studies in Environmental Protection) (coordinator)
  • Introduction to Biology (for students of Inter-Faculty Studies in Environmental Protection)
  • Entomology
  • Hydrobiology

Grant projects:

Non-lethal sampling of benthic invertebrates as the source of data for ecological quality assessment of the flowing waters: the development and testing of a new method

2011/01/B/NZ9/02590, 140000/501/GR-4038

time scale: 2011-12-13, 2014-06-12

Selected publications:

1. Jakubik B., Koperski P. i Lewandowski K. 2014. Diversity of Mollusca in lowland river-lake system: lentic versus lotic patches - Polish Journal of Ecology 62: 335–348. Pdf/sites/default/files/images/JakubikKoperskiLewandowski-2014-0.pdf

2. Koperski P., Milanowski R., Krzyk A. 2011 - Searching for the cryptic speciation in Erpobdella octoculata (L.) (Hirudinea: Clitellata): discordance between the results of genetic analysis and cross-breeding experiments. Contributions to Zoology 80: 85-94. Pdf

3. Koperski P. 2011 - Diversity of freshwater macrobenthos and its use in biological assessment: A critical review of current applications. Environmental Reviews 19: 16–31. Pdf

4. Koperski P., Dumnicka E., Galas J. 2011 - Abiotic parameters determining fauna composition in the karstic springs. - Polish Journal of Ecology 59: 77-87. Pdf./sites/default/files/images/Koperski%2C%20Dumnicka%2C%20Galas_2011-0.pdf

5. Koperski P. 2010. Urban environments as habitats for rare aquatic species: The case of leeches (Euhirudinea, Clitellata) in Warsaw freshwaters. Limnologica 40. Pdf

6. Koperski P. 2010. Diversity of macrobenthos in lowland streams: ecological determinants and taxonomic specificity. Journal of Limnology, 69: 88-101. Pdf

7. Koperski P. 2009 - Reduced diversity and stability of chironomid assemblages (Chironomidae, Diptera) as the effect of moderate stream degradation - Polish Journal of Ecology 57: 125-138. Pdf/sites/default/files/images/Koperski2009-REDUCED_DIVERSITY-0.pdf

8. Koperski P., Gołub M. 2006. Application of new regional biotic index APODEMAC, in environmental quality assessment of lowland streams. Polish Journal of Ecology 54: 311-320. Pdf

9. Koperski P. 2006 - Relative importance of factors determining diversity and composition of freshwater leech assemblages (Hirudinea; Clitellata): a metaanalysis - Archiv für Hydrobiologie 166: 325-341. Pdf/sites/default/files/images/Koperski2006-RelativeImportance-0.pdf

10. Koperski P. 2003 - Stone dwelling leeches (Hirudinea, Clitellata) of Lake Hańcza (Poland): different sampling methods determine different taxonomic structures - Polish Journal of Ecology 51: 353-361. Pdf /sites/default/files/images/Koperski2003-StoneDwelling-0.pdf

11. Koperski P. 2002 - Factors determining diversity in diet composition: multivariate analysis of a guild of epiphytic predators - Archiv für Hydrobiologie 155: 291-314. Pdf/sites/default/files/images/Koperski2002-Factors-0.pdf

12. Kołodziejczyk A. i Koperski P. 2000. Bezkręgowce słodkowodne Polski. Klucz do oznaczania oraz podstawy biologii i ekologii makrofauny (Freshwater invertebrates of Poland. The key and the introduction to biology and ecology of macrofauna). Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego, Warszawa. (in Polish)

13. Koperski P. 1998 - Feeding in epiphytic, carnivorous insects: resource partitioning and the avoidance of intraguild predation - Archiv für Hydrobiologie 142: 467-483. Pdf /sites/default/files/images/Koperski1998-Feeding-0.pdf

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