Małgorzata Grzesiuk, PhD


Department of Hydrobiology
Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw
at Biological and Chemical Research Centre
Żwirki i Wigury 101
02-089 Warszawa, Poland
tel (48) 22 55 26518
fax (48) 22 55 26575



Mikulski  A., Bernatowicz P., Grzesiuk M., Kloc M.,  Pijanowska J. 2011 -  Differential levels of stress proteins (HSPs) in male and female Daphnia magna in response to thermal stress: a consequence of sex-related behavioral differences? – Journal of Chemical Ecology 37: 670–676 PDF

Pietrzak B., Bednarska A., Grzesiuk M. 2010 - Longevity of Daphnia magna males and females - Hydrobiologia 364: 71-75 PDF

Pietrzak B., Grzesiuk M., Bednarska A. 2010 -  Food quantity shapes life history and survival strategies in Daphnia magna (Cladocera) - Hydrobiologia 364: 51-54 PDF

Mikulski  A., Grzesiuk M., Kloc M.,  Pijanowska J. 2009 - Heat shock proteins in Daphnia detected using commercial antibodies: description and responsiveness to thermal stress – Chemoecology 19: 69-72.  PDF

Grzesiuk M., Mikulski A. 2006 - The effect of salinity on freshwater crustaceans. - Pol. J.Ecol. 54: 669-674. PDF

Abdallah A.H., de Mazancourt C., Elinge M.M., Graw B., Grzesiuk M., Henson K., Kamoga M., Kolodziejska I., Kristersson H., Kuria A., Leonhartsberger P., Matemba R. B., Merl M., Moss B., Minto C., Murfitt E., Musila S. N., Nhayishiniya J., Nuhu D., Oduro D. J., Provvedi S., Rasoma R.V., Ratsoavina F., Trevelayn R., Tumanye N., Ujoh V.N., Van Der Wiel G., Wagner Th., Waylen K. and Yonas M. 2004 - Comparative studies on the structure of an upland African stream ecosystem. - Freshwater Forum 21: 27-48.  PDF

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