Bartosz Kiersztyn, PhD


Department of Hydrobiology
Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw
at Biological and Chemical Research Centre
Żwirki i Wigury 101, 02-089 Warszawa
Phone: (48) 22 55 26 447

Research interests:

I am an aquatic microbiologist, focusing on lake ecosystems. I am interested in the relationship between microorganisms and the role that they play in the functioning of lakes and how anthropopressure disrupts biological homeostasis.

More specifically, my interests include the following:

• Taxonomic and metabolic diversity of attached and free-living bacteria in lakes of different trophic status subject to diverse anthropopressure - a combination of structure and function.

• Factors affecting the colonization of phytoplankton cells by bacteria and the formation of biofilms in lake waters.

• Antibiotic resistance of natural lake bacterial communities.

• Imaging techniques enabling the detection of taxonomic groups of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms and various manifestations of their metabolic activity.

• Enzymatic degradation of organic matter in situ and determinants of its efficiency.

• Molecular detection of pathogenic bacteria present in lake waters.

• Environmental factors affecting the spread of waterborne bacterial diseases.

• The relationship between the occurrence of Legionella spp. and Areomonas spp. in lakes and the taxonomic structure of accompanying microorganisms from the domain Bacteria.



  • Ecophysiology of aquatic microorganisms
  • Microbiology in environmental protection
  • Microbiology and self-purification of waters
  • Protection and reclamation of aquatic environments
  • Biogeochemistry
  • History of Toxicology
  • Hydrobiology


Grants awarded:

  • „Microbiological hazards in the waters of selected lakes as a result of eutrophication of the Great Masurian Lakes System”, NCN 2015/17/B/NZ9/01552 (2016-2018) – main investigator.
  • Structural and functional biodiversity of free-living and attached bacteria colonizing sinking seston particles. Ministry of Science and Higher Education, N304 023237 ( 2009-2012) – project leader.
  • The role of the surface microlayer and the activity of neustonic microorganisms (APP, bacteria) in the circulation of organic matter in humic lakes. Ministry of Science and Higher Education, N N304 4156 33, 2007-2009 – investigator.


Selected publications:

  • Siuda W, Grabowska K, Kaliński T, Kiersztyn B & Chróst R J (2020) Trophic State, Eutrophication, and the Threats for Water Quality of the Great Mazurian Lake System. in Handbook of Environmental Chemistry 231–260.
  • Kiersztyn B, Chróst R, Kaliński T, Siuda W, Bukowska A, Kowalczyk G, Grabowska K (2019) Structural and functional microbial diversity along a eutrophication gradient of interconnected lakes undergoing anthropopressure. Sci Rep 9:11144.
  • Kiersztyn B, Kauppinen  E S, Kaliński, T, Chróst, R & Siuda W (2018) Quantitative description of respiration processes in meso-eutrophic and eutrophic freshwater environments. J. Microbiol. Methods 149, 1–8.
  • Kiersztyn B, Siuda W, Chróst R (2017) Coomassie blue G250 for visualization of active bacteria from lake environment and culture. Polish J Microbiol 66:365–373
  • Skarzyńska E, Kiersztyn B, Wilczyńska P, Jakimiuk A, Lisowska-Myjak B (2017) Total proteolytic activity and concentration of alpha-1 antitrypsin in meconium for assessment of the protease/antiprotease balance. Eur J Obstet Gynecol Reprod Biol
  • Kostrzewska-Szlakowska I, Kiersztyn B (2017) Microbial biomass and enzymatic activity of the surface microlayer and subsurface water in two dystrophic lakes. Polish J Microbiol 66
  • Pawłowska J, Aleksandrzak-Piekarczyk T, Banach A, Kiersztyn B, Muszewska A, Serewa L, Szatraj K, Wrzosek M (2016) Preliminary studies on the evolution of carbon assimilation abilities within Mucorales. Fungal Biol 120:752–763
  • Siuda W, Jasser I, Kiersztyn B (2013) Enzymatic “ Fingerprinting ” of Physiological Diversity of Microbial Communities in Clear-Water and Humic Lakes. Polish J Microbiol  :715–728
  • Kalinowska K, Guśpiel A, Kiersztyn B, Chróst RJ (2013) Factors controlling bacteria and protists in selected Mazurian eutrophic lakes (North-Eastern Poland) during spring. Aquat Biosyst 9:9
  • Kiersztyn B, Siuda W, Chróst R J (2012) Persistence of bacterial proteolytic enzymes in lake ecosystems. FEMS Microbiol Ecol 80:124–134

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